Thursday, May 27, 2010


I cant remember the last time I feel this embarrased, jaja, I feel like the little child that gooes to the girl to give her a wild flower....
Inside the feeling is mixed between embarrased and happy... I feel this little encounter was pretty productive after all, music can make you feel, dream and smile, smile a lot.

I cant find no more sense today...

Song of the day... Ouuups there where a few... what do you think? Which do you like the most?

Wait, there is one i want you to hear

Julian Plenti - Flight as you might
(Paul Banks rules!)


Bananii said...

That was exactly what I wazs talking about!
And I dont remember either... but it is a great thing to feel dont you think?

And you know something beautiful? we are sharing a lot of things and I believe there are still more to come, but yesterday we shared a lot of music, and you know how bonding music can be.

I really love enjoying that with you.

Ammm... I liked them all, specially the ones you sang by yourself :) but... I think I´d go for say yes.

Bananii said...

"cuz you´re my girl" loved the song :)

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