Monday, May 3, 2010


When everything seems to be right, then the trials comes, but there is always, read again, always something good from it. You will grow and see others growing with you on it. For us, I can say that after a couple of them the bigger one will be the patience.
Patience is one big virtue that I'm familiar with, sometimes for good sometimes for bad. This time patience must grow old along with us to be there as a loyal friend. Every little motion encourage for a bigger future, a great future. Living the beautiful today I wonder how will the future be? I cant imagine how I will feel, how I will look and the same questions for you. Hopefully calm will be provided from above making the relationship stronger and getting everyday closer to Him as individuals walking together looking for HIm.

Food: Chicken Bake
Song: Today I cant tell, sorry.


Bananii said...

patience, patience. it had never been such a trial for me befooore! but with God walking before us every single step we take, time will pass faster than u know! haha i cant answer your question, but I say:lets find out ;)

Bananii said...

Song: Is this love - Bob Marley.
"I wanna love you and treat you right..."

that one goes foir Bob... Roger is still out of context!

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