Monday, May 10, 2010

Is just too much...

Today is one of these days you dont want it to end, you dont want to forget, that is simply happines... that things have been said, cleared and understood, ( if that is possible). But most important feelings are there, so vivid that shines as hard as the sun itself it is simply great. And that is how I feel, great! yes, the word Im looking for is overwhelmed!. that's it.
Love and hapinnes to you all!

Food: Empanada
SOng: Not while Im around - Jamie Cullum


Bananii said...

El que mucho se despide...

Hahaha. Another scary one hun! but well, we are soo in the same chanel that it is not awkward that we want to write the same stuff over here.

Love:1-something so vivid that shines as hard as the sun itself.
2-It is simply great.

:) i love you!

Bananii said...

Ohh! prettyful song!
(I feel protected and loved :) so thanks)

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