Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Its easier to write it

There are things for me that are easier to write, I believe writing give you the opportunity to think twice, and that may seemed a little silly but believe me that little second between one thought and other may mean a lot, and when you're talking you may lose that chance. Today i found that it is something in the family, or maybe its our generation that expends so much time typing rather than talking.

Anyway, thnx bru! it really means a lot to me...
And thank you, for listen... Also for the honesty of the conversation and letting me know how you feel right now, (and how silly we are, haha, the great thing is that we both are.)

The killers - When you were young

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Bananii said...

I totally agree with you... how I love writing and sometimes it is an easier way to order your thoughts :)

I like the fact that u write too :)
I think you know...

The letter from your brother is touching :) thanks for sharing it with me.

And... the silly stuff.. are we talking bout us? I dont want to get burn this time haha if it is yeah... we´re silly and if it isnt so what! still we are silly :)

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