Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today I find myself in a new enviroment, I must admit for one moment I miss things, but then I remember what i was doing and say no, no melancholy. I wanted analysis, I wanted intensity, I wanted challenges, now I defenitely have them, so there is no looking back. Im just moving forward, learning.
I feel no fear but uncertainty but... There is still one thing that can make me nervous, not exactly talking about job...

Food: Pollo en Poblano
Song: U2 - All I want is you


Bananii said...

Wow I can`t wait to see how my job will be, how will I feel.
You make me dream on! So thank you :)
So great you have now what you want! I think it is the whole point...

:) Nervous... your word for my word: butterflies.

Bananii said...

all I want is you!
haha just got that one ;)

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