Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In the 2nd floor.

I walk thru the elevator 2nd floor, departures, a lot of people everywhere, kind of annoys me. I keep walking looking for the airline, find it, do what was necessary, and now keep walking, waiting for the time is right, as I do so I realize that If you want to see all kind of emotions gathered on one place, the place to go is an airport, you can see the ones who are thrilled by the trip, the ones that hates to fly, others are sad and crying about the ones that leaves for a long time or forever…
I sit down and in all that bunch of faces showing the truth of their souls one stands, one kept my mind as no one.

It’s a girl, in her last 20’s, medium sized, brown skin, deep dark eyes. Her eyes are the ones that says everything, you know what they say, you can lie but your eyes don’t, so its with her.

She looks desperate like someone who is trying to run, to forget, to get by with the flow, to get lost with the thousands of people surrounding her.

Somehow I feel her pain, her “something” that is making her carry that heavy weight on her soul. I can see she is running away, everything about her shout it, she travels light, she has a book to keep her mind busy and she constantly looks around like if she was expecting someone to come and make her not to leave.

In one of her turns she look right to me and I look back, I don’t know if it was a second or a minute or hours that we see each other, but with that gaze I confirm what I thought. She is burning in pain and somehow I can feel it, and I try to comfort her with my eyes, I don’t know exactly how or what to say but I sure try, and she feels it. Now I focus not only in her eyes but her face, I notice that she is beautiful in a different way, maybe not for the world standard of beauty but there is something… Now I also notice some scares in her right cheek that’s definitely for a beat. Now I understand… And I think how someone could do that; there is no possible explanation for that I kind of feel angry about it. As my mind argues she stands up, took her two little bags and rapidly walks away. It surprise me as she move forward she look back and stares again like she is saying thank you. My eyes follow her silhouette and wonder if she’ll be alright, suddenly she stops and her eyes are on the front, throw her things away… run towards someone… It’s a man she kiss him and hug him… Then I know she won’t be alright…

Monday, July 19, 2010

Come back here.

I struggle myself this time to get my mind back during the day, long day by the way, lazy day. sadly, hours goes slow so slow.

Maybe is a C not an A minor.

Those lyrics are just great.

Why isn't she here? Who is supposed to answer my questions?

I simply can't understand that, do they really think they are superior, bigger, smarter, I feel pity for them. Not even a thank you... grr pity, pity...

Oh! the quiet is so great, is it necessary for them to come back.

How much longer???? I want to leave.

What if He stands right behind me, what would I say...? It doesn't matter. I'll do my best.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Long Gone...

I've been long gone from this place...
So long that I barely remember what I was supposed to be doing here. It doesnt matter, today I feel on and out, One of those days you feel that you know no one, not even yourself.

I noticed far in the afternoon, that the day has run and I'm not really sure of where those hours went, like those old leaves that were proudly green and strong in the spring and now they are brown, weak and falling taken by the calm and shy wind of the autumn... Today I feel like that, my mind flew all over the world and now that is back to reality, It doesnt want to stay there, I just dont feel comfortable with reality this time. I look around and everything annoys me, the noise of the cars, the unstopping colorful shine of the traffic lights, the incessant path of shoes that mashes against the asphalt just make me sick and I say to myself, this place is such a mess sometimes I like to watch it burn...

As I stand here I observe very careful, I notice that we are a big mass a self living mass, we are here but we are not together, we are not even aware of each other's existence. Is that right or wrong? is it possible that we care for each other that we dont became the monster in order to defeat the monster? Maybe its impossbile and just want to live in that utopia I've been dreaming of. I realize that my thoughts are deeper than ever, it doesnt scare me, makes me feel comfortable.

I try to get close to the first person I see; a man, nice suite, white shirt, red double windsord neck tie, black leather shoes and small suitcase, He seems in a rush, I just wanna ask him a question, and a word slip out of my mouth "Hello". He doesnt even look at me and leave as it came, fast. The next one coming is a woman, tall, blonde, she wears a red dress and walks slowly as if she want it to say something with the way she walks I see that people stare at her, both men and women, I see nothing special just a regular woman, for tha way she walks I think that she is not in a hurry she may be able to answer my question I stand right in front of her, just in her way, see her to the eyes, she look back, I open my mouth to say the question and she slowly dribbles me, I can feel the air, the scent leave it by her body and no word said.

I feel incredible tired, I sit on the sidewalk, put my eyes on the sphalt and hear some steps outstanding of other ones, the sound becomes stronger, it stops Hear a deep strong voice, the voice answers my quiestion, It says "You are not here"
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