Monday, November 22, 2010

Still floats in this world...

- "In life it's a blessing when you can count with your hands the ones you love". I heard him saying directly to another young man. His voice was full of nostalgia and his face couldn't lie: his heart was suffering.

Apparently the place wasn't the most appropiate for that kind of reflections. The party was alive and everyone was having fun. Everybody was so happy that on that very day they had received their diploma. All of them were so young and so full of life, a world of possibilities in just one room.

The one hearing simply said. "Let's forget about and enjoy, this is our night"
The answer was -"How can I celebrate if I have no one to share it with? Don't take it personal but I just cant fit with all this strangers" The polite smile disappeared in less than a second.

Another voice entered into the conversation from behind them -"I'm here and won't leave again". The listener couldn´t do nothing but to leave.

The young man turned around and the face that was in his mind was now right there.
-"I'm sorry. I was a fool such things don't worth a friendship like this".
-"I know, I'm sorry too. But don't worry. We are humans we fail, we fall and we ramble. The important thing is that after all we realize what is really important and have the courage to say sorry and get back on track".
-"Thank you so. You always have the right words. I just can promise you that I'm here to take what's heavy for you in my arms..."

The one who was listening from afar slip a smile and left. In his mind was one thing: The right and good things still floats in this world.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The bell is ringing

I'm sitting on the beginning of a long and multicolor line of tires grounded perfectly aside the yard that's full of the greenest grass I ever seen.

While the rest of the children are running , playing football or simply talking to each other, I love being on my own. Right now I'm holding my sandwich with my left hand and feeling the soft bread with my fingers with no intention to bite it.

I can see the teacher leaving the classroom and as I see her so young and and full of life I wonder how my life will be when I get her age. I know there is a lot of time left but my mind is flying in no concrete direction; I can see an endless number of possibilities, from a football player, an actor, a teacher, an engineer to a vagabond.

I wonder if anyone else my age thinks of it... am I wrong or strange? For sure I'm not normal. But what can I do? Should I change? Or should I learn to live with it?

The bell is ringing and its time to get back to the game, no more thoughts for today, back on my kid's suit. Hope everything will be fine.

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