Monday, November 8, 2010

The bell is ringing

I'm sitting on the beginning of a long and multicolor line of tires grounded perfectly aside the yard that's full of the greenest grass I ever seen.

While the rest of the children are running , playing football or simply talking to each other, I love being on my own. Right now I'm holding my sandwich with my left hand and feeling the soft bread with my fingers with no intention to bite it.

I can see the teacher leaving the classroom and as I see her so young and and full of life I wonder how my life will be when I get her age. I know there is a lot of time left but my mind is flying in no concrete direction; I can see an endless number of possibilities, from a football player, an actor, a teacher, an engineer to a vagabond.

I wonder if anyone else my age thinks of it... am I wrong or strange? For sure I'm not normal. But what can I do? Should I change? Or should I learn to live with it?

The bell is ringing and its time to get back to the game, no more thoughts for today, back on my kid's suit. Hope everything will be fine.


Lu Ann said...

La fille (le garcon avec un verre d´eau) Amelyo!

Nice flashback to your childhood... and for sure you are not normal, I´ve been seeing it since I met you... but exactly for the same reason is why you are sooo special and different. And that is awesome!

Lu Ann said...

* Amélio.

Jingle Poetry said...

lovely post.

Jingle Poetry said...

Welcome to our potluck week 10, a poetry award is assigned upon submission.
Old poems are welcome …hurry up, you have 11 hours to go before we are closed.
Hope to see you there. Cheers!

Shashi said...

Dear Gugo
Perfect imagery and beautiful thought.. you could join it all together.. beautiful

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

fiveloaf said...

but you write well- how about a writer?

Lu Ann said...

Jingle Poetry said...

thanks for linking up with potluck..
award/treats for you..
Happy Wednesday.

Jingle Poetry said...

Greetings, How are you?
It is a thrill to land on your magical poetry land today! :) ;)
Jingle Poetry has magic, wonders, and miracles theme going on this week,
Hope to see your contribution.
Old poems, or poems unrelated to our theme are welcome.
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Have A Lovely Tuesday!
Happy Thanksgiving, You Rock!

Jingle said...

award notice,
Glad to read you today, prayers, hope all is well...

let me know if you wish to be part of poets rally week 34.
Happy Saturday!
you rock!

keep the bell ring.

pamanner said...

Your post resonated with me. I had to leave my old life behind. . .it was painful but necessary.

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