Sunday, September 19, 2010

Snapshots of my life

Creaking noises.

Shinning Lights.

Overwhelming smoke all over the place.

Time stills and mind turns into lucid memories. Memories that feel like reality, like the very moment they occurred. Like those snapshots that have been there my entire life. Adding them up as time passed.

The day I got my first bicycle and crashed it on the wall.

The lovely embrace of my grandfather on my birthday on the same day the news of life weren’t good at all.

The day I sang and played in front of a crowded theater.

The tears on my parent’s eyes as I waved my diploma and thanked them for their effort.

The time I bought and drove my first car.

The moment I saw you and you stole my attention from then on.

The minute I first held your hand for a while and I did shook myself.

The moment I said to you our special phrase in front of our friends and you were surprised of it.

The day the unspoken words and the self screaming gestures said it all.

The day you didn’t expect to see me and you were so happy and shocked.

The day I drove all night just to meet you in the morning.

Our first kiss.

The many times we shared food even when we don’t really like it.

The scariest night of my life: the night I went to your home and told your parents we were getting married.

Our wedding.

Arriving our new home.

The day we arrived to the airport with passports in hand and no destination booked.

When we got our first dog and you insisted on picking it up from the street.

The day you screamed like you had seen a dead body on the restroom and you said you were pregnant.

Yesterday, The day I could finally hold on my arms my beautiful baby girl.

The memories are over now and I’m back on my car.

I feel how it turns around and I feel a strong hit on my head; now everything is freezing over on the darkness of the night…

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