Thursday, December 9, 2010

I feel in love again!

All our friends were here and they all have gone home now, and we are so glad they came to see us; the night was great.

You are exhausted and so am I. You said you were going to the bedroom to get a CD to listen while we clean the house, after a while you don’t come back, so I go to see you and, as I suspected, you are already sleeping. A tender smile slips from my mouth and I decide to do so. Cleaning can wait ‘til tomorrow.

You look so calm while you sleep, I decide not to wake you and simply put the blanket over you. Lights off, good night!

It’s three in the morning and you wake me up, you are still sleeping but constantly moving and by the expression in your face, it seems like you are having a bad dream, I can see suffering.

I touch your arm and you wake up, you get your hand to your stomach and say that it hurts so much that you want to go to the hospital.

I take you to the car, you are crying in pain. I’m so scared but I try not to show it, I say you’ll be fine.

Drive as careful as I can but at the same time as fast as possible as if the relief will be at the hospital’s door.

We arrive, I run to the door and yell for help. I tell the lady on the desk how you feel and two nurses arrive with a wheelchair.

They take you and get you inside. I run as im holding your hand while you look at me with crying eyes. As we get into the first door doctor says I need to stay outside. I feel powerless, nothing to do for you with my own hands so I just pray for you.

An hour, two hours, three hours, the longest of my life.

I move from one way to another, sit, stand... nothing helps. At the front desk no one has news about you, they say I must wait until the doctor comes out.

Finally the door is open and the doctor is coming, he is smiling. I feel much more calm.

He hugs me and tells that I can enter, that we have beautiful baby girl!

I run and there you are. You look so tired but so happy, you are holding in your arms the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen, our baby.

I feel in love again, a different way of love...

Thanks to Jingle, for this award and for this community.
I want to nominate Dan Roberson

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