Thursday, June 3, 2010


We are very use to make plans, set schedules, arrange our agendas, and even promise things based on future time. But the real thing is that we do not control it and we almost never think on the fragility of our lives, and indeed, we are fragile. There are some events in life that are God's recall of something, for me is very clear, We do not belong here, today we could be talking on the phone, arranging Excel Cells, matching figures, watching football games. But tomorrow we only have the certainty of the uncertainty of life and what may happen in one day. This uncertainty is a calm one because I know HIM will have a plan for me, and if He decides it is better not around here, then is best thing... A hard thing to say but it always need to cross your mind...

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Bananii said...

Wow. This one is tough! but very realistic and written in such a good way that instead of feeling afraid or in dispair because we may not know what will come tomorrow or if we will still be alive, you make the reader feel calm.
Cuz youre so sure and so confident in God.
And well... I love the way you think about this issues in life and furutre, you trust in Him and we can see it.

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