Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You will be surprised...

Yep you will be surprised If I tell you the kind of things that can keep me smiling over and over again, maybe as some close person says, "you are a clown" I may add that if I am, I am a pretty acid one, I realize today, after I say it with no regrets at all, that I love to make jokes about death. Maybe it is our culture, that we can laugh at anything, even when is a shame for ourselves. Maybe I'm mad, and I'll always be... Who knows, I just love to laugh about dark things.... Am I wrong???

Bob Marley - I shot the sheriff

1 comment:

Bananii said...

Hahaha a clown... like IT!

OOH! stay away from me!! haha just kiddin (u know)

We´ll in that I kinda see myself cuz I not exactly laught at dark things but kida like them... I think I havent told u right?

Well anyway, I totally agree with you about that our culture can laugh at everything! like in the Olympic games... we NEVER win anything but ooh the t.v shows about it are greaat! Derbez skectches. Facundo´s jokes and Doña Margara´s cares... hahah and I do enjoy it.

Laughing about death... well hun that is a little bit odd :S

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