Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Do we really care?

There are some things in the everyday talking that are just polite. But if you think of them are no true at all. In our native language(spanish) is pretty common to say "How are you" when you first see a person you know, and the most common answer is "fine".

On first instance, do we really care? I mean do we really care if that person is feeling well, or if is having problems at home, with his wife, or children or if he have been robbed... The real thing for me is that I dont really care, for most people I say this phrase on everyday living, please notice that I write "MOST" because there is a few people I really care about they have to say. I know that this is not right but is something you get involved in the routine of everyday and you simply lose it.

On the other hand when you answer, it is pretty uncommon, to say "bad" or "I feel awful" even when you really are in pain or have a lots of problems, why is that? maybe is that we simply dont feel confident to say the truth or dont want to share...

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