Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bending Time

It is quiet common to me, I don't know if for someone else, trying to play with the time in our favor. Sometimes we want it to be like a rushing wave in the beach that disappear and we'll never see it again, not that wave. But in most cases we feel like time is being stolen from us, and as the days, weeks and years goes by, you take a look into them and you realize that this life is certainly a rush, and I ask myself, am I really happy with it? am I doing what satisfy me? What have I done?

For now I feel both sides playing on my ground, I want to go fast but also I want to slow down...

Pink Floyd - Wish you were here...

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Bananii said...

Playing with time is like playing with fire.
Talking about time may be even more confusing than talking about death.
Yes... life is a rush, it is an instant and a blink of an eye and I think it is normal for me too to feel like it goes out of my control and to look back and ask myself what am I doing and what I could have done.
Because yesterday is for sure... tomorrow never knows.

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