Thursday, June 17, 2010


I just going to keep on the little quotes of.... myself! haha

"Sometimes, I feel this is not real, 'til the pain comes"
We are very used to find ourselves in our little world that we call reality and some times take a painful situation to realize that there is another world or another universe out there and that not everything is spinning around us. Right now I can say that I'm pretty much aware of this all the time... aparently on that age I felt that all was very easy and nice, as years goes by I see that things are different and I find myself telling me that all the time, I try not to fall into one little world again...

Song of the DAY Grow old with me - The Postal Service (John Lennon cover)

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Bananii said...

Oh! I really find myself in this post.

So I must say that the point is not that I understand, but that I thank u for writing this beacuse Im pretty much inclined to fall sometimes into my little fantastic world, so now I can have this in mind as not to fall so often :)

Beautiful song! Another one that screams at you!

p.d: watch out... its being pigas invasion

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