Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not just one more...

There are a lot of things that I love to do, like singing, drive a car in the rain, eat hardly spicy food, walk on a hill and get to the top of it, listen carefully to the music, watch the enormous city around me... and I can keep on going... And I'm pretty certain that I can get very tired of them so I just put them a part for a while and then take them back to joyfully enjoy them. But there are a few things that I cant get tired of in this life, and one of those is reading what you write, what you have to say... maybe is the deeply artistic way you do it, or simply the message you can read, the one that is expressed directly on words and the one that is underneath, the one a few people can read... So everything is different and special and most important, is very very important for me.

So please keep them coming.

The way you make me feel - Michael Jackson.


Bananii said...

Would it be so obvious if I say: thank you?

Well... so what... THANK YOU :)

and yep... they will keep coming! what else can I tell you? Im kinda speechlees too!

Gugo said...


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