Monday, June 14, 2010

Remember remember

They say that to remember is to live again. A few days ago I found a personal little notebook and on it a lot of things I wrote. And I think that my mind haven't changed a lot, maybe its just just the way to express things, or not, that have changed. It is funny to read all the things that showed my life on those days, the free time, the not done things and the things that were important at that time. Its kind of scary to realize how life can change in a few years!

Secret Smile - Semisonic.

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Bananii said...

And you wrote very intense things :) hahaha
Yes... I believe your mind is the same it is just that youi express yourself differntly because of the lack of free time, am I right? and well, I didnt know you from before but indeed we can change in a few years

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