Monday, April 5, 2010

What is this that I'm feeling...

This idea have been on my mind for years... The thing is how we (as mankind) get to the point to enclosed a feeling in a word, I mean what if for me what can be written or said as love is not even close to someone else feeling. how do we know that we feel the same like for just say a word... what if I or someone else does not know love... I think that the feelings are pretty much subjective. like the pain there are people that can hold on or has a bigger specter of pain.

If you are out there. What do you think?

Food: Fried Chicken

Song: Is this love - Bob Marley.
"I wanna love you and treat you right..."

1 comment:

Bananii said...

Feelings are subjective? Wow a hard one!
I think everyone has its own definition of love... a small amount of people really know what love is.
Maybe we´ll learn, maybe we wont.

And talking bout love... i think is the hardeest feeling to express by just saying a word.
Is so much more than that... its an everyday demonstration not only by words but also with actions and little details.

Its hard dont you think?

Agh! How I wish I could read you as you read me :)
Part of your magic as you said.
I couldnt express it better.

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