Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2:44am, I just need to take it out, need to rest.
today i wish i was a drinker to see if that heal as they say, no im not
legs broken
i wish we have an off button
its my fault for giving in so soon so desperatly
never felt this strange ache, feeling, thing in all of me
need to cool off
i was right no things like this are ment to be understood
God God God, I need you pls Lord give me the peace I need the serenity, the wisdom.... to understand or maybe just the capability to accept it.
After all I realize that I'm not the one i used to believe, i dont have a stone as a heart.
i come back to the very site i most forget, i dont want to
I feel alone, i just cant tell anybody just will hold this within me. I cant for that longm i have to say it, in this case
i have to write it I just have to take it out, no matter who may read this even her... i need it.

1 comment:

Bananii said...

you change me...I am not who I used to be either.
Thought you should know hun.

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