Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Slow Down

Today I had one of the most intense, stressful days of my working life and I like it! I mean once you stop and see all you've been doing thru the day its amazing or maybe is the satisfaction of making something that at the very beginning of the day seemed impossible. Even thou, I have the chance to keep some ideas on my head that, I must admit, make me smile and momently escape from the madness...
Now that I'm ready to rest my body is just soo tired but mi mind wont let us rest, Have you ever feel like this?

Food: Enchiladas! :)
Song: One Headlight - The Wallflowers
"But Me & Cinderella We Put It All Together We Can Drive It Home With One Headlight"


Bananii said...

Yes. I agree with your post in my blog. :)
You made a point.

Hope you can rest! seemed like a looong day!
It must be satisfactory to look back and see all you´ve done thru the day.

Hope those ideas one day include me :)

Gugo said...

Tsss think this time you fail completely on reading me...
Thought you were sleep at that time!

Bananii said...

what were yoou doing at that hour answering me?!
No i wasnt sleep.
Then, what did you mean?

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