Monday, April 12, 2010

Turning back

Is it really no way back once you start? How difficult is to change your way? So far now, for me its been not an option. And yes indeed I sometimes wonder, what if I would do that, o what if I wouldn't do that.

I'm sure that this is the path I must walk and maybe I never stop having questions about it. But that is not wrong, right? haha I mean that is what make us humans?

Food: Peanut Chicken (Yes, peanut!)
Song: Verbo Carne - Gustavo Cerati

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Bananii said...

Hi :)
Well... I think that, no matter what you´re talking about, mostly there a way to turn back.
Better turn back before things go further being the issue called way of living or even work.

Haha... but being sure about the path you´ve chosen is the very first step, the quetions, well, as you said is what makes us human.


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