Monday, April 19, 2010


Yesterday I have received something that had made me happy like nothing can do in a while. It is a proof of someone's love and care for me, and after some ups and downs is more special, is like that kind of things just make you feel special, and why not... stupid.
I must say that see yourself thru some one eyes is very rare thing it make you realize who you are or what is the message you are saying maybe without trying. I think I must work in some issues but for now i just think i will enjoy hapiness.

If you are out there, What do you think?

Food. Steak in sauce.
Song: Afuera - Caifanes

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Bananii said...

it makes you happy.... then I am happy too! feeling special and yeah why not stupid feels nice! having said that... i feel kinda stupid too hehe i guess i just did not wanted to admit it but ifit is mutual thenn sooo whaat let it be! love u

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