Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Doing the unpleasant stuff...

There are times when you must do things you don't like. But I believe this things makes you grow up and you'll find out that those things arent bad at all, maybe we dont like it because make us see confront our fears or those things we never want to confront... who knows... maybe I'm sleepy or in love and just saying nonsense!

If you are out there. what do you think?

Food: Meatballs.
Song: Sunrise - Norah Jones
"Surprise, Never something I could hide, When I see we made it through another day..."

1 comment:

Bananii said...

Yes I believe they make you grow up. Like when you´re a kid and you learn to do your homework without your mommy telling you that "you must" those unpleasant things are the right way to a succesful future.
Maybe they wont bother you in a while...

Awwww. :)

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