Thursday, April 15, 2010


There are times when the time seems to stops, and that is when your mind start flying... wondering about the time. whether the galaxy is expanding and the time is going faster, or about how a wild animal like the little red-chest bird that everyday shows in front of my office window, returns a specific place, or how a beat can blow your mind every time you hear it. It may be leisure but for me is air... is the way that I know I'm alive and my brain still works...

If you are out there. What do you think?

Food: Quesadillas!
Song: Gustavo Cerati - Sulky
Esa madera necesita un corazón... que la humedezca.

1 comment:

Bananii said...

God! you were high am I right?
...How i wish I could see that bird. it must be nice to see it there everyday.
Does it sing?

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