Monday, August 9, 2010

Children's movie

A lonely man sitting on a movie theater is not quiet common, but a lonely man on a black suite sitting on a children's movie is simply irregular.
The man take a look at his surrounding, the hall is half dark, the movie hasn't started yet, He watches little children smiling, yelling, eating popcorns, families apparently happy and thrilled, he turns to the other side and a couple is hugging and talking to the ear, it seems like they are alone in the room.

As the time passes and the seats are being taken, he turns on every direction, it seems like he is waiting for someone. he most be waiting for someone, who in his right mind goes on hi own to watch a children's movie...

Silence. The hall is now completely dark and no more people is allowed to enter, so it seems he is on his own. Now that everything is dark he doesn't seem to care to be alone he seems to be comfortable.

The first moments of the movie are passing by and the man isn't looking at the screen, he is staring at a couple, they most be together, all indicates they do, there are all kind of affection gestures. The man wont look at the screen, in spite He turn his head down and open his jacket, with his right hand grabs a gun, yes a gun. He is now much more calm, He forgets about the sudden laughs and loud talk of the children or the loud songs of the movie, he is now slowly breathing.

An hour have gone and all the crowd has complete attention on the movie. He is still staring at them, at a quite moment, a baby on the last row starts crying so aloud that is annoying, the man of the couple turns his head with a gesture of disapproval, the man staring at them smiles with some sort of confidence.

Finally the movie is over and the noise is instantly back. Most people gets up and starts walking towards the exit, In the air you can breath happiness and joy, everyone seems to be so happy. Except one, the man, He is calm, serious, and staring at the couple that is now walking, he stands up and walks, slow and with his hand inside his jacket he tries to get his way out the crowd and to approach the couple, they are hand holded. The man approaches and take the man of the couple by the shoulder, He turns his head and look at them right into the eyes and says "this is just a job". The girl is amazed her face is simply a shock, a bunch of emotions. The man get his hand back to the jacket and grab his gun, and as he move his sight back, He spotted her and his serious face change for surprise, she is her sister. Nothing more is said He release the man and walks away...

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Lu Ann said...


hahaha I wasnt that scared, it is very good my dear friend :) See? you can also create very interesting stories... :) keep on amazing me please

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