Monday, August 30, 2010

Seven Swans

This morning I can see a field, an immense field thru which I’ve walked so many times that I can say that I know it better than my own hand. I've seen it green and colorful during the wonderful spring; so green and vast that it reminds me a long and infinite ocean. Other times l’ve seen it covered with white snow that seems to kill all kinds of life, but instead it brings a new way of living... a different way of seeing beautiful things.

This field has -literally- been my companion and support and it has fed my cattle during my whole life, and by saying "my whole life" I mean it. I started on ranching since I was 5 and my father was about 35, I learnt everything I know about this thru him even though now I only have a vague memory of him. I also saw my children grow and turn into young strong man, and then leave; both of them decided that the family tradition was not for them, and today I’m glad and proud they made that choice. Sometimes I wonder why did I follow it. Now they both have finished university and work on scientific investigations for finding the best results on crops, or at least that is what I understand they do... I just know that somehow they are influenced by my life and that is completely worth it.

Today I can see my life thru my father’s eyes. I’ve devoted myself to this all my life just like he did. I thank God every day for his life and for teaching me all I know,I’ve never been so devoted to God.
I know He is there because I can see it on the majesty of the earth, on the first rays of light rising over the hills and even in the cold air running thru my bones in a lonely morning watching over the cows.
My wife is really close to Him, and she always tells me stories and reminds me to seek Him. I like when she talks about it.

In this beautiful morning where I can remember and think about all this, a strange sound is surrounding the field like if it is coming from the trees behind the hill and then it goes back. The sound is like clapping wings, I turn on every direction to find it, and then, suddenly, I can see something in the sky, something I’ve never seen before: seven swans flying in the sky, a number that reminds me of my wife’s stories about God. Then I feel cold like never before and I start to feel restless.
I look up at the sky and I can see a timid smoke over the hill on direction to my house. I ride my horse to it, I must be like 2 miles away... the longest 15 minutes of my life. As I´m getting close I can see more and more smoke.,,
On the distance I can see my wife standing still, holding in her arms her beloved cat, and with tears in her eyes she yells at me: “God has please you, the farm is gone, you are free now”.

She is right, I feel free now, and I feel curious about this sign, so I ask her to tell me more about Him.

(Inspired by: Sufjan Stevens -Seven Swans)


Lu Ann said...

Wooow! I am speechlees, totally speechless! If only you could have seen my face -again- I was just so amazed as to move!
Sorry I am way too amused and astonished...
Wow... you love when your wife tells you about those stories about God... and I really love when you tell the world this stories.

:) I liked it a lot, very well, very nice... very like you :)

steveroni said...

Hey MAN, I loved this story ALSO! You write in an awesome manner and express yourself so well, and write a very interesting commentary on your own thinking

Thank you!

SO many excellent great writers on these blogs!

Gugo said...

Thanks to both of you!

Jingle said...


JamieDedes said...

What a treasure of a story. A beautiful story beautifully told ... I have tears in my eyes.

Nice work. Good heart ...

Blog on ...

I am here, by the way, from potluck.

Bing (PinkLady) said...

this is poignant and intense. i love your story!

tasithoughts said...

Beautiful story about faith and love with an interesting perspective.

kashaw said...

What a brilliant piece. Thank you for sharing. I feel bad not putting anything else but "Brilliant" is the only word I can think of.

Gugo said...

Wow! I'm very stunned by the beautiful response of all of you, it's my first time on things like this, so Thank you All! :) And specially thank to Lu Ann! ;)

Shashi said...

You write beautifully and from the heart.. Liked it so much.. thanks

जय दुर्गा जी, जय काली माँ
Jai Durga Ji, Jai Kali Ma
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Jingle said...

I am working on placing your link to Jingle Poetry blog roll,
I have been occupied by so many stuff, sorry for being late. it will appear within a week.
your poetry rocks.
keep it coming...

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