Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day one - Take One (Setting up the rules)

Hello there...

Well, this is my first attemp doing this stuff so please be kind and give a chance...

The rules will be:
-1 topic per day, as simple as my simple life would allow me.
-song of the day
-food of the day :)

Here it goes the first one...
Have you ever had the feeling that people getting at some point in his life believe that they can judge everything directly, I mean we all have a point of view of everything in the world, but assuming yours is "THE OPINION" just because you have some age, sex, position, etc. Its something I do not really understand, how "normal" person get there.

If you are out there, What do you think?

Song: Iron & Wine - Passing Afternoon
Food: Steak w/potatoes, beans and aguacate...


Bananii said...

THE song.
What a coincidence!
I like your blogger concept. And believe me. I´ll be here constantly so beware of writing about your pretty emo friend! cuz she will read it!
Nice food. I had the same today.
I think that... because Im small I havent really ahd the chance of being in that situation. But I will think about it tonight. :)

Gugo said...

Haha "prety emo friend" ;)

Bananii said...

Well, thanks for telling me that.
It is always nice to know that someone wants to be there for you.
Really I apreciate it and you should know by now that Im here too, and yes, with God´s help I wont let you down either.
Its just so nice knowing people like you.

I dont find the coincidences scary... I find them interesting!
Well, Im lying, they´re scary too :)

And... we´ll see

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