Friday, March 26, 2010


Today I have the opportunity to be in a legal act of commitment of two persons, meaning a marriage. That make me think and wonder that if something enforced by the law is as strong as a feeling? I don't think so. One thing that the representative of the law said really caught me, "get along, get along well, the nation, the world needs today more than ever bonded people, great citizens that can raise great citizens". I'm pretty sure that they can do it, but also I'm sure they need to get close to God, hopefully they'll find the way...

If you are out there. What you think?

Song: They don't really care about us - Michael Jackson
Food: Pambazo! :)

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Bananii said...

Commintment... the word that scares million of people out there.
Well... Im not, but Im sure that when the time comes I´ll be scared a little bit.
I think that its all about that this word represent something really big, and people are scared of it.
But... the law will never be as strong as a feeling but sadly that feeling will never never never be strong unless God enforces it.

Nothing can work without him... not even love.

Thats why when it comes to such a big deal as sharing our lives with someone we need to be close to God.

nice food even though this time I didnt had the same thing to eat. :)

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