Monday, January 31, 2011


What once was a home full of joy, smiles, laughter and hugs have now turned into four walls of memories, sadness, regrets and despair. Everything reminds me of you, there is no single step I give in this house that takes my mind away from you. I need to leave, I need to do something to erase my mind.

It's Saturday morning and I decide to do something you never liked, that was my way to take you out of my mind. So I grab the keys and ride the car. I am not sure where I want to go but I have it on my mind: the kind of place you hate. I'm going to the woods, I know how you dislike going on camping or even in a pic nic. I remember I loved it and, because you didn't, we never went together.

Finally got out of the city and I´m on the highway, I just need to follow some directions and get into the nature. As I supposed it didnt take that long, I park the car and start walking. People surrounding me are quite indifferent to me: they aren't alone, I can see children playing while their mom and dad are making the lunch; on the other side a group of schoolmates are playing football. I must pay no attention to them.

I keep on walking towards a place where there´s nobody. The calm is amazing, you can hear the sound of the silent life moving, the air soflty moving the leaves and the birds which are singing are telling me that I'm alone and I can relax.

The air is becoming cold and the sun is hiding under black clouds, today is a good day for getting wet, I have no intention to leave, the firsts drops are falling and the smell of watered dirt is amazing. The rain is now intense and I move towards a tree, this one is very tall and I can barely see the top of it. The water is now falling down through the bark of the tree and a scent is getting to my nose. I'm amazed how lovely this smell is. Now the rain is off and the sun is back immediatly I can feel how the water is evaporating and the feeling isnt really good.

Now the air is carrying another scent, wait a moment, I know that scent! That is you, it is that unique smell of you parfum on your skin. And now the words of my mother recalls:  "Every scent is different on everyone; it is the unique mix of you and that scent."

I can't move, I don't now what to do. I'm helpless, I won't move.
The smell kills me and I dont want to go.
I miss you.


Lu Ann said...

:( I could totally picture that poor man... I bet she died... or maybe she just went away, anyway, it´s so sad.
You captured really well the moment when he catches her scent again... and to be honest, that was beautiful.

Jingle Poetry said...

sad tale.

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Love your talent demonstrated here,
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Jingle said...

Greetings, how are you?
Your absence is missed, hope you well…
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Hope to see you in,

Love your poetry talent and looking forward to a profound experience with your input.


Lu Ann said...

This is for you!

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