Monday, October 4, 2010

And I hope this dream never ends...

I have one of those jobs no one seems to care about; no one notice you unless you don't do your job or if something is wrong.
In some cases people even look at us with some repulsion. I clean the tables and floors on a food court on a fancy mall downtown in the big city.

In spite of regretting for what I do for living or what I did in the past to end up here, I enjoy what I do.
My job allows me to keep myself anonymous and unnoticed and I also I watching people on what I once heard is our most instinctive or animal action: eating.

Right now I'm in the rush hour, the court is full and there is no open table.
As I walk thru the corridors I can see different images, the classic soccer mom that is late for the children's practice and is buying the fastest, and not nutritious, meal for the kids: burgers.
The lonely black suited guy that is paying full attention to his mobile device trying to forget or not to notice his loneliness as he waits for his food to be ready.
A big family trying to get another table next to them by putting some presure over the two ancient buddies that have 20 minutes enjoying half apple pie each, unfortunately for the family these two have no worries or anything to rush for. A smile slips thru my lips for these.

I keep on walking with duster and broom in hand, suddenly a couple right at the last table catches my attention. They only have a little basket with ice cream and they are sitting one in front of the other. They seem to be students because they are wearing their school clothing and on the floor their backpacks are laying.
There is something about them that is not common but I cant quite figure out what it is, I believe it is the distance between them and that they don't pay attention to other thing than to the person in front of the other, it's like there were a lot of respect or admiration from one to the other, something not very common these days.
I see them talking and eventually for a very short period of time they hold hands and then smile and realse their hands and keep talking.

The girl accidentally throws her napkin to the floor and I get closer to pick it up, I move so slow trying to make no noise.
They don't even notice my presence, not that I'm not use to it but they simply don't have eyes for anyone else... After I pick the napking I hear something he says that blows my mind: "... And I hope this dream never ends...".

I move fast towards the cleaning station and disappear from court.
I close my eyes and remember that the very same phrase was said by myself just before I ran, just when everything for me was so right, so pink and when everyday the sky were blue and love, happiness and joy were abundant; I ran at the very first trouble.
I am such a coward that cant fight and stand for what he wants the most.
I feel pity of myself and I simply cry hands over the wall. I feel like I need to go back...


Lu Ann said...

Ah! Do I want to cry? yeah!

What I´ve learnt: never run away, because when you want to go back there is no way to do it...

You are very good at this, you know?
By the way, very good use from that quote ;)

JamieDedes said...

Usually, we can't go back. No regrets. We all have to learn our lessons.

Another lovely piece you have woven. Nice.

Ben Langhinrchs said...

I like how you wrap this all around and bring our attention back to the narrator who tries so hard to anonymous and unnoticed. Good work.

Claudia said...

love how you observe the scene - spotlight different people - draw attention from one to the other..and you yourself stay invisible..nice write!

Eric Alder said...

"Dream until your dreams come true" - Aerosmith

Nice One Shot!

Brian Miller said...

wow. this is a fabulous write...i love to sit and watch people...and you provided that but so much more...wrapping hte narrators story around...and leaving me feeling heavy...excellent one shot!

Jerry said...

People watching is very fascinating indeed. One of my first college writing assignments was to sit and observe people and document it. Your "in the moment" observations go from outside in. Nice desription of transference. You could focus a blog on "Food Court" encounters. Good piece.

Gugo said...

Thank you all for your encouraging comments! great to have you here! :)

Shashi said...

Yes Go back.. although Lord Krishna said in Bhagwat Gita that do what you have to do and then forget about it without remorse or expectations of its results but then he had a catch.. he said to do things that come your way with 100% sincrity adn dedication.. and I think that is what you have not done so probably you will need to go back at do it again... promise it again, say it again, 'Wish that this dream does not end"
I loved reading this story.. so simple and beautiful... More importantly you have a wonderful soul... that listens, that watches which most of the people easily forget to do... Have fun and go back and dream more...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

Lu Ann said...

Because there´s nothing more we really need, but to be there and breathe... just breathe.

Ediomo said...

When reading thru the lines of your work, I see a rare talent behind the poet who delivered this!

It's so captivating a write-up and it got stuffs to learn from...Keep on the good work!!!

I'd love you to see this:


Jingle Poetry said...

welcome linking in a poem to our potluck today, Thanks in advance!

an award will be given upon participation this week.

jingle said...

I would love to have you in poets rally week 33.
let me know by leaving a link under my post.
Thanks a ton.
You are quite productive.
beautiful poem!

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